Our Green page

Welcome to our Green Page!

In here you will discover why and how our company chooses to appreciate our relationship with the environment and participate in sustainable practices. With this level of awareness, Hero Productions take full responsibility for all their resources.

My personal journey of environmental awareness began in 1989 by better understanding how we affect our environment. A book called ‘The Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson, greatly influenced my earlier years of education. Not only did this literature influence me, it also left a sense of critical importance of how we share this world with everyone and we all are impacted by each-others ripple effect.

Here are some tips for Greening your Work / Home space:


-Use both sides

-Clean sheets can be re-used in your Printer

(On Production sets, scripts are a perfect means to re-use)

-Keep old envelopes and use the back sides for Notes

-Create manila folders, to separate Full Sheets of recycled paper to scrap pieces for notes

Recycle Bins / Cans

Hero Productions custom made their Recycling Bins.

-Recycle Goods for Cash reimbursement and non reimbursement.



-We also separate our Plastic #1 and #2’s (look at recycle # in the bottom of the container)

-Glass containers are separated according to Color.


We use the Los Angeles City waste management services

- We separate our garden leaves and soil into the GREEN container.

- All others into the BLACK containers.

Hazardous Waste

Please refer to the Resource’s links below to Help You locate the nearest facility.

- All paints and Toxic materials should be discarded properly!

- Old Batteries are extremely toxic. Ikea and some other consumer companies recycle them.

-Tool Battery’s are recycled at certain major hardware stores. (Home Depo)

Hero Green’s the Grammy’s

With the Help of the, Los Angeles Special Events Recycling Program



Recycle Links:

Los Angeles Department of Public Works - www.dpw.lacounty.gov/epd/cleanla

Direct DPW contact number- www.dpw.lacounty.gov/epd/hhw/phone_numbers.cfm

CalRecycle - www.calrecycle.ca.gov/

CalRecycle Product Management Directory- www.calrecycle.ca.gov/electronics/collection/RecyclerSearch.aspx

Energy Star Links:

Bring your Green to Work with ENERGY STAR : ENERGY STAR


Events & Webinars | Green Power Partnership | US EPA

Energy Star Podcast : ENERGY STAR

Production Resources:

La411 Publishing Green- www.resource411.com/Green/

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)- http://www.eomega.org/omega/about/ocsl/

Yellow Pages the Green Way- http://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org/


Growcology- http://www.growcology.com/

Riverside Farmers- http://mygreenriverside.ning.com/

Hero Lights for Environmental Awareness

Ashes and Snow

Rain Forest News Press 2006

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